Virginia Woolf: Art, Life and Vision

Planning ahead; my next journey abroad will go to London in July. Anyone else looking forward to this:

News Release: National Portrait Gallery announces first exhibition exploring the life of Virginia Woolf through portraits

  • First exhibition to explore the life and achievements of Virginia Woolf through portraiture
  • Over 100 works to be displayed including paintings, photographs and rare archival material
  • Portraits of Woolf by Bloomsbury group figures Roger Fry, Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell

For a literary scholar turned art-critic, this sounds like a perfect gift. Prepering for my part of the job, writing a review, I will definitely go back to Woolf, but also have a look at Hermione Lee marvelous biography: Virginia Woolf (1996)

Virginia Woolf: Art, Life and Vision will be on display from 10 July until 26 October.

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  1. Sigrun, this is wonderful! I’m so jealous and so glad you get to attend this exhibit. I love Virginia Woolf and saw an exhibit on her home and some art, etc. here quite a few years ago. I hope you will post a thorough review upon your return for our armchair travel enjoyment! I, too, plan on reading Lee’s biography this summer. Cheers!

  2. If you have not already been, you might want to fit in a visit to Charleston in West Sussex while in the UK. It is an intimate museum, one of the former homes of the Bloomsbury set – artists and writers and philosophers and economists etc. Absolutely charming, all the interior created by members of the group. Mainly steered I think by Vanessa Bell. Set in wonderful gardens. I love going there with visiting friends.

    • Lucky you, I would love to go Charleston! I will have to plan an excursion there next time I visit the UK. On my July trip I will also see Marina Abramovic in The Serpentine & “The Human Factor” at the Hayward (both for reviews).

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