Ok, by now we all know I really wanted to become a fan of Alain de Botton, but that my inauguration failed. I do not, it turns out, believe that art is therapy. I do believe art can have therapeutic, or palliative qualities, but I do not believe its a good idea to replace my psychoanalyst with a work of art, or – god forbid – with Alain de Botton.

I do not believe art is around to make my life smooth and happy, I’m not even sure I would enjoy a smooth and happy life – but I would like to know

what’s is point of it – ?!

Martin Creed: Half the Air in a Given Space (1998)

It is as if art is inherent, as if (to me that is) the need for art is fundamental – a basic need. These were the groggy thoughts I was struggling with today, when I came to make this search on the web for Homo Aestheticus (I actually believed I invented a new concept … (say no more) ) and discovered that there is this woman who happens to have been writing a whole lot about it:

Art is a normal and necessary behavior of human beings that like other common and universal human occupations and preoccupations such as talking, working, exercising, playing, socializing, learning, loving, and caring should be recognized, encouraged, and developed in everyone.

Ellen Dissanayake, Homo Aestheticus

At least I now know where to continue my search – Ellen Dissanayake is the woman I will go to next

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  1. Rio says:

    “Homo Aestheticus”!! Love it! I will follow you there!

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