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arctic dreams (cont.)

while I’m still reading Barry Lopez, you can have a look at this:

Jochen Lempert: Un voyage en Mer du Nord (A Trip to the North Sea); 2007 (detail), Silver gelatin prints, 6 parts

Jochen Lempert’s A Trip to the North Sea is composed of 6 parts. The images show a rough sea, with huge waves. The waves foam, swell and collapse. The large size of the images, like posters, engulf the spectator’s body, as if captured by the wave which becomes sonorous in its surge, rolling from one image to the other.

Installation view: Jochen Lempert, Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis (MN), USA


When so much contemporary art is overwrought or under-thought — shamelessly confusing irony with meaning and quality, and delivering the equivalent of self-conscious one-liners — the black-and-white photographs of German artist Jochen Lempert arrive like aspirin for a chronic headache. They relieve the pressure and allow one to see, and contemplate, again.


JOCHEN LEMPERT, born in Moers, 1958. Lives and works in Hamburg.

Having first studied as a biologist Lempert is well acquainted with the natural world and indeed his works often embody a scientific approach to the subject matter seeming to present them as cases studies as well as artistic subject matter. – See more at: http://www.aestheticamagazine.com

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  1. c m wilson says:

    Would love to see this in person!

    1. Sigrun says:

      oh – me too!

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