just have to show you this:

have you noticed how, after I begun my study of beauty, old people have started invading my pages …?!

Hå. 25.10.13. Edvard. Foto: Elin Høyland

Elin Høyland: Time to wait

This marvelous picture, by the Norwegian photographer Elin Høyland, belongs to a series called Time to wait. Time to wait  documents the life of the farmer Edvard Bjelland. Through Høyland’s wonderful images we get a glimpse into a life which seems strangely unfamiliar, even if it is led here … and now!

Elin Høyland is well known for a series called Brothers, her new images are in line with earlier works, but is new in the way she this time uses color.

Elin Høyland: The Brothers

To me this is pure beauty!


Elin Høyland
Photographer, based in Oslo, Norway.
In 2011, the book, The Brothers, was published by http://www.dewilewispublishing.com in the UK.

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  1. c m wilson says:

    I watched the television segment to which you linked. How picturesque and wonderful – thank you!

    1. Sigrun says:

      You watched news in Norwegian?! – FANTASTIC!
      I really like the way Høyland has done this project; very respectful, very true to her subject, and very strong in her visual perspectives. The project was initiated by the government as a cultural-heritage-project, the purpose wasn’t to create art, but to document. But I think the result show us that documentation, done with sensitivity by a talented photographer, certainly also can be art.

      1. c m wilson says:

        Yes! In Norwegian! I didn’t understand a word, but I wanted to see it anyway. You Norwegians (wink) have such a beautiful sense of aesthetics in everything you do! But, that’s just my opinion. I think the goal was definitely met! Thanks again for this wonderful post.

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