bathtub news

Not the most delicate of finds this one,SAM_2287but as a bathtub-documentarist I can’t afford to be choosy, my assignment is to document the reality, as it is … not to play around like –SAM_2288– an artist … ?



2 thoughts on “bathtub news

  1. Hi. In doing my watercolours I know I am constantly looking only for beautiful scenes and when I do find one where some element doesn’t suit me, I just edit it out. I like your bathtub project because it seems to force the seeing of what is real. When I look at these images, I like the shapes, the rust, the wire of the fence. Those blue and red tags jar me. Jane

    1. Thank you!
      As you can see these images were taken in the early evening, with almost not enough light. But in a way thats ok. I like the rust and “ugliness” too, I find it very beautiful – it’s almost as if it makes the perfect nature a bit more accessible –

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