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Not the most delicate of finds this one,SAM_2287but as a bathtub-documentarist I can’t afford to be choosy, my assignment is to document the reality, as it is … not to play around like –SAM_2288– an artist … ?



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  1. jane tims says:

    Hi. In doing my watercolours I know I am constantly looking only for beautiful scenes and when I do find one where some element doesn’t suit me, I just edit it out. I like your bathtub project because it seems to force the seeing of what is real. When I look at these images, I like the shapes, the rust, the wire of the fence. Those blue and red tags jar me. Jane

    1. Sigrun says:

      Thank you!
      As you can see these images were taken in the early evening, with almost not enough light. But in a way thats ok. I like the rust and “ugliness” too, I find it very beautiful – it’s almost as if it makes the perfect nature a bit more accessible –

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