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    • Thank you!
      I’m not quite sure if it this view makes me sad or happy … but anyways; it’s rather strange how yellow leaves can lighten up the grayest of days.

    • Thank you!
      Yes, these are “Acer platanoides” (Norway maple), to my knowledge these are the only kind of Maples growing naturally in Norway.
      In the middle of the first picture you can also see two slim birches, leaves long gone.

    • Thank you! There is this incredible sharpness to the autumn air, it’s impossible to capture, but maybe the stark color contrasts and the filigree pattern of the twigs can give a hint of it in a different language.

  1. Nothing more remarkable in our neck of the woods, than the maples. Of the natives, its the Big Leaf Maple which steals the show here in N.California. I LOVE the maples.

  2. Norway maples are so exceedingly plentiful where I live that some folks consider them a bit of a nuisance tree (their seeds seem to have a very high germination rate, leading to seedlings cropping up in lawns, along sidewalks, etc). I appreciate their bright yellow fall coloration and that the leaves stay on for a very long time after frost. Somewhere I have photos of the Norway maple in my backyard full of yellow leaves in the midst of a snowstorm!

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