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  1. Beautiful… and, quite like what we have on an overcast, fall day. Just wondering what’s your latitude. We’re about 51 degree North. While a few days ago we were still enjoying the colorful fall scenery, now we’re covered with snow.

    • Thank you,
      I’m on 59° N. Due to the The North Atlantic Current our climate is relatively mild, average temperature in our coldest month (February) is 1° C (35 F). On the warmest the average is 15/60.
      What about you and your world, will it stay cold to spring?

      • Our winter can be brutal… minus 15 – 20 C. normal. But we’re blessed with the Chinook wind, warm breeze from the west coast every now and then. That can bring the temp. up 15 – 20 degrees in one day. We have the sun even during winter time, so that’s another consolation.

      • WOW! You’re much further south (equivalent to Brussels), but still have a rougher climate. INTERESTING!
        – and who knows what kind of weather the future will bring us …

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