I have been a hardcore fan of Miranda July ever since I first watched ME AND YOU AND EVERYONE WE KNOW.

Today I received a mail from her, reading like this:


You are getting this email because you signed up for my mailing list at mirandajuly.com. You might have signed up a long time ago and now you are finally getting something, years later. Or you might have just signed up like four seconds ago and, boom, here I am writing you already and you’re thinking I’ll probably be writing you all the time — not the case! I almost never do this. Only when there is something I think you’ll really like. And when I remember that the mailing list exists.

I think you’ll really like this: wethinkalone.com
You go there and sign up (yet again!) and then for the next twenty weeks you will get something pretty extravagant in your inbox every Monday.

Maybe you would like to receive mails from Miranda July too? If yes, just sign up here:

We Think Alone – A project by Miranda July

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