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      • i’m a fan. his writing is beautiful, his ideas i can connect with. i’m currently reading his third book, which has just been published in Dutch. his writing is very soothing.

        the Dutch publisher (De Geus) says Knausgård is a rockstar in Norway – is he really? i believe his family and friends aren’t too happy about his work?

      • I think he has full support from friends and his closest family – even if it has been hard for his wife and her mental health.
        There was a periode when an uncle of his threatened to go to court, but nothing happened.
        He is currently living in Sweden, and I guess you could call him a Scandinavian star.

      • well, he is taking over Holland as well.. his books were mentioned in a tvshow, and when you get mentioned in a tvshow in the Netherlands, your book sells..

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