a new day


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looking west


P1140800Looking down (or up, depending on who’s perspective on life one chooses …)



looking east, North-East


Some of you know that I’m living my daily life in a house by the sea, or to be more specific; by a calm little bay. This house – my second home – is situated in a much rougher surrounding – on a cliff by the ocean.
The house is built in Siberian Larch, which become more and more grey, almost rock colored, when aging. The cladding need no kind of treatment, and can therefore be called eco-friendly.
Today everything is calm and sunny, but this region is known for its fabulous storms. Its a fantastic landscape – rain or shine.

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  1. Aha! That’s what I thought! My husband is an architect, and I also was going to go to architecture school (before that, took some “interior design” courses). I can see from the brochure how special the house is! No wonder I admire your aesthetic so much!

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