Man with Bandage

In a comment to yesterday’s post on Fred HerzogLost and Found Books said:

He is one of my favourites: I love “Man with Bandage” — what an eye he has for the bizarrely banal



I totally agree, its a fantastic picture. The nonchalant attitude of the bandaged man, the ghostlike look of the old lady, and again – notice Herzog’s amazing use of colour … leading us into the picture, adding a kind of visual depth and body to the image.


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  1. Amazing image. Thank you!

  2. Elisa says:

    See, now I view it as the image of the denegration of society. He’s losing his ‘clothes’ to all that is around him, while elder and wiser icons of proper moral and perhaps religious watch helplessly but primly not expressing that anything is wrong on the outside, despite the surrounding environment.

    1. Elisa says:

      His white shirt and ‘cleaned-up’ appearance as an after shows that he still retains some effort or influence of the ‘correct’, the pull of conscience, right and wrong, even if only in appearance. It has the idea of cleaning up to make it home to Sunday dinner.

      Now I have to go look up this image to see if there is anything the photographer himself said about what he felt and wished with this image.

      1. Sigrun says:

        Oh – interesting, please share your findings!

  3. Amazing, what he sees–those blocks of color (especially RED!)

  4. Thank you Sigrun. It’s an extraordinary picture. Best, Micheline

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