I’m studying mindfulness, that is to say: I’m studying to become more mindful. In theory it’s a piece of cake

– until one suddenly remembers that living is not some kind of theoretical activity, living is praxis; all the time, every day, here & now –

–  and then the stupid self-assured piece of cake image cracks right in front of your eyes, as you gradually come to realize that practicing mindfulness is simply the most difficult, challenging, annoying, terrifying and nerve-wracking thing you’ve ever tried to do.

Yoko Ono, 'To the Light...' Installation 2012. Copyright Yoko Ono.
Yoko Ono (2012)


Latin aequanimitas, from aequo animo with even mind
Mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, esp. in a difficult situation. Steadiness of mind under stress


composure – calmness – poise – serenity – self-possession


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  1. I’m loving your posts on equanimity, Sigrun! I’m wondering how its possible that you refer to so many of the same concepts/artists (i.e., Yoko Ono and equanimity in particular) that I am currently interested in and have been studying/thinking about! I have written a couple of pieces for my thesis, having to do with Yoko Ono, for example, and have been reading Zen Mind, Beginners Mind, on the side. I wonder sometimes if we (readers/writers/thinkers) pick up on some kind of thought wave (zeitgeist?) and somehow, some of the same affirmations (I.e., equanimity), are brought to the forefront.

    Anyway, your posts are always much appreciated!


    (via iphone)

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