you don’t need a solution

As mentioned, I continued on from Red to Blue. And on my way I not only discovered the intriguing work of Maggie Nelson, but I also bumped into Jessica Myszka Lewis, who has done a fantastic visual project based on Bluets. Have a look here

Myszka Lewis You Don’t Need A Solution (detail image) 2012

Myszka Lewis: You Don’t Need a Solution (2012)

This project was born out of an obsession of several found quotes from Maggie Nelson’s book Bluets. I couldn’t shake out exactly what it was about the texts that had really hit me hard; and so I started to study them visually. I wrote out the definitions of all the words in the quotes that seemed to hold importance and charted the connections that started to emerge. …

You can’t possibly imagine how happy I was when I, in the midst of my crush on Maggie Nelson, discovered Jessica Myszka Lewis – sharing my …

enchantment … ?

Coincidences like this makes it very clear to me what a fantastic resource the web is, making it possible for a women like me, placed in a little study at the outskirts of the known world, to discover things like this. Finding resonance for my own thoughts and ideas all over the world. It’s so incredible inspiring, encouraging and life enhancing.

You can have a look at the development of Myszka Lewis’s marvelous work here

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  1. KM Huber says:

    The global connection is stunning at times. I agree. It’s as if one has the entire planet at her fingertips. What a wonder that is. Thanks, Sigrun.

  2. Harold Rhenisch says:

    Sigrun, you’ve done it again. This is inspiring. I have dreamed of houses like this for quite some time now… it’s so exciting to be able to step into one, thanks to you.

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