a situation of inaccessible space translated into writing

I am stumbling around with this unanswerable question: how can one translate a situation of inaccessible space into writing –

Could this be a kind of answer?

Huge wads of silence stuffed the air.
He was staring around for the dog then realized they hadn’t had a dog for years.
Clock in the kitchen said quarter to six.
He stood looking at it, willing himself not to blink until the big hand bumped over to the next minute. Years passed


– from Autobiography of Red, Anne Carson (1998)


If we once again go back to the visual field, I’d like to introduce you to the work of Danish Ann Lislegaard, and her beautiful play with space and form

Ann Lislegaard, Crystal World (after J.G.Ballard) 2006

Crystal World (after J. G. Ballard) is a double channel projection first shown at the Sao Paulo Biennial 2006. In the 3D animation a universe is constructed with architectural structures and a jungle that slowly crystallize. A text, generated from a letter written by the protagonist in J.G. Ballard’s novel The Crystal World (1966), describes a zone of entropy, a process of transformation and crystallization. The animation moves through spaces combining architectural elements of Lina Bo Bardi’s Casa de Vidrio and Oscar Niemeyer’s Matarazzo Pavillion, both in Sao Paulo. The Dead Tree (1969) by Robert Smithson and Untitled, Rope Piece (1970) by Eva Hesse are also installed and re-activated in the animation between other references.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Harold Rhenisch says:

    Another inspiring find! Thanks!

  2. dianajhale says:

    The Lislegaard piece is quite fascinating – a wonderful new discovery for me as I am interested in concepts of space. Inaccessible space is an intriguing aspect to ponder on.

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