Taking occupancy


Gradually things are finding their places in my new home. My husband & I both do a lot of work from home, so studies have had a high priority in our planning. (We have had no choices on the exterior design of the house, but have had some saying on the interior – and have amongst other things built extra strong walls to carry our 4000 books)


For the books we have chosen the very adaptable Swedish shelving-system called String, designed in the 50′.P1140384

Simple desks from IKEA are combined with chairs designed by Charles & Ray Eames in 1950.


Such a mess!

We started out with 4000 books, but have reduced the collection considerably. I took out all novels I knew I wouldn’t reread, and a lot of books on post-modernism and post-structuralism. My husband got to keep all the books by Deleuze & Foucault, and I kept Barthes, the rest; Derrida, Lyotard, Kristeva, Baudrillard, Bourdieu … are all gone, hopefully disappeared into other readers shelves.


Now my highest wish is to find some time to spend with – new books …

16 comments on “Taking occupancy

  1. Nice! I like the white décor. And those shelves are for all your books, I’m assuming. Wishing you luck with your new place!

  2. Gasp! Could be that all those books are working on the computer to create another one of themselves and have left the bookshelves for you to fashion into a bed for your sacred body?

  3. Immaculate , orderly , and bound to be productive !
    (incidentally, I have a fav quote which relates: “Clutter is a tribute to Indecision” )
    So… here’s to making Good Sound Decisions ! 🙂

  4. It looks marvelous and so inviting, Sigrun! Thanks so much for showing us your moving journey. I have moved many books in my life, at one time what I considered a small room’s worth, meaning the room was completely lined with full shelves. However, 4000 I never reached I am sure.
    A most happy new year to you and yours.

  5. I wish you a great deal of happiness in your new home. It’s truly beautiful. I love it and I like the location. Letting go of books must have been difficult. Happy New Year Sigrun. Best regards,

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