Busy spending my day writing –

–       I choose to steal to keep you all happy:

Here are some bits and pieces by David Orr

it’s not necessarily helpful to talk about poetry as if it were a device to be assembled or a religious experience to be undergone. Rather, it would be useful to talk about poetry as if it were, for example, Belgium. (…) The important thing is that you’d know you were going to be confused, or at least occasionally at loss, and you’d accept that confusion as part of the experience. … (To “get” Belgium, you need not know the Brussels phone book). … The art form (poetry) is enormous and perplexing, and at least half of it is of interest only to scholars and the certifiably disturbed. … As with a vacation in Belgium, all you need is a little patience and the motivation to book your tickets.

Beautiful & Pointless: A Guide to Modern Poetry (2011)

And here, one of his poems

The Train


Not that anyone will care,
But as I was sitting there


On the 8:07
To New Haven,


I was struck by lightning.
The strangest thing


Wasn’t the flash of my hair
Catching on fire,


But the way people pretended
Nothing had happened.


For me, it was real enough.
But it seemed as if


The others saw this as nothing
But a way of happening,


A way to get from one place
To another place,


But not a place itself.
So, ignored, I burned to death.


Later, someone sat in my seat
And my ashes ruined his suit.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Harold Rhenisch says:


    It is all we have left of that
    time when we thought with the body

    alone, and didn’t know of the
    existence of the mind. The rain

    that looks like a wood-cut of rain
    and turns the thought to

    water splashes
    against the window.

    1. Sigrun says:

      stolen or hand carved?

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