A glimpse of Triora

I have just returned from the most fantastic & extraordinarily trip to Italy one can ever imagine, actually the town of Triora is inconceivably beautiful, and my snapshots can in no way make the place justice.

Still, I would like to give you a hint of what I have seen:

Triora is a medieval citadel town, a hill fort, with a labyrinthic inner structure. The streets are all too narrow for cars, and there are steps and stairways leading in all directions.

My impeccable travel companions = my mother (who’s 70th. birthday we celebrated on our trip) & my sister. Here they are standing outside a beautiful doorway decorated with slate, an expensive stone in this part of Italy

As can bee seen in the above picture, Triora is built on a steep mountain-slope, making the access difficult; both for the enemies, and for the people living in the town.

traveling Triora

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