Kathleen Jamie on writing a book

One of the finest Nature Writers I have encountered so far, is Scottish Kathleen Jamie. I started getting more and more interested in this field of writing, as I – to my surprise – discovered there being very much nature in my own writing. But for this genre of writing to be interesting, as I read it, it has to be sprinkled with – or bathed in – poetry. I’m not talking about adding a line of poetry here & there, but about writing in a poetic tone, just as Jamie does.

People sometimes ask ‘can you really teach creative writing?’ but I think the question is wrongly put. Better to ask ‘can you learn to be a writer’? The answer is obviously yes. I did, and I’m learning still.

– Kathleen Jamie

If you interested in how she works (it works?), you should have a look here: For every book, we have to make a new self –

So beginning a new work is not a matter of finding a topic to write “about”. First of all but you’ve to spend time – years! – frequenting the scrapyard or the sewing box, cobbling together a new self, then letting it find its way.

– Kathleen Jamie

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  1. I don’t know Jamie’s work. So I will have to locate her books, I think!! Often, in the US it is hard to find environmental writers who are not from here…even when they are writing in English. But I see she is published by Bloodaxe, and their books are often available in the US.

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