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  1. cynthia says:

    Thanks for posting, Sigrun. I just discovered Transtromer from this review of his poem “Guard Duty” (http://www.hungermtn.org/sideways-review-i-am-the-turnstile/).

  2. Oh my. What a heartbreakingly beautiful story. Off to the library I go to read my first Transtromer.
    Any suggestions?

    1. cynthia says:

      I don’t know about Sigrun, but I loved the Half-Finished Heaven.

      1. Sigrun says:

        Thank you for linking to the review Cynthia!

        I read Tranströmer in Swedish or Norwegian, so I think you should follow Cynthia’s advice on where to start when reading him in English.

  3. I am so touched by this video. What a beautiful mind!

    1. Sigrun says:

      The two of them, Tomas and his wife, they are so incredible sweet together… Respectful.

      1. Absolutly: one soul in two bodies.
        I hope you are well.
        Best regards,

      2. If only people respected one another. I admire Tomas and his wife. Kindest regards, Micheline

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