apropos Foremothers

The core problem of lacking foremothers might simply be this: it’s even more difficult for a woman than for a man to say:

i want to become a writer

i want to become an artist

i  want   –

i can?

Believing in creative powers, believing them to be strong enough to be taken seriously; becoming an artist, accepting a life outside the money driven society – is difficult for everyone & anyone. Lacking a tradition, a canon, a history for such an unusual choice – makes it even harder.

To write one has to believe. Listen to Matthew Zapruder:

I agree with (again) Wallace Stevens (almost always a good policy) when he writes, in “The Noble Rider and the Sound of Words,” that the role of the poet is to help people live their lives. It sounds very grandiose, but really what he means is just to deepen experience, to protect ourselves against the constant encroachment of what he calls “the pressure of the real,” that is the mundane and the terrifying and the distracting and the monetary pressures that make us feel like automatons.

i can – can i?

You will never know if you never try …

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