The Forest and The Trees

Why don’t you make a visit to Genevieve Kaplan’s The Forest and The Trees?

Kaplan says: I’ve created this blog to keep an informal record of contemporary (and not so contemporary) found/altered/treated/appropriated books, paying particular attention to artists’ books, found-objects, and contemporary poetry & poetics — the focus of my critical dissertation at USC.

Here is an example of what she is interested in

From Sean Bishop’s RES–ECTIONS (from Darwin’s 1859 The Origin of Species)

* * *

Erasure poetry is created by starting with an existing text and erasing bits (paragraphs, words, letters, punctuation) in such a way that the words left behind take on new shapes and meanings.

* * *

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  1. dianajhale says:

    This is wonderful – I love altered books and things like that. I had not heard the term erasure poetry before. I might have a go myself too! Thanks for the link.

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