“The Years”

As already mentioned, I have a personal Virginia Woolf Project for 2012. And yet again Kathryn has given me an exciting link to check out, this time the link lead us to a review of “The Years”, the last novel Woolf was to publish.

Virginia Woolf in 1935

Peter Monro Jack, April 11, 1937: In “The Years” Her Art Reaches Its Fullest Development to Date

“The Years” has long suffered from critical indifference despite its early popularity: though it was Woolf’s best-selling novel during her lifetime. And this is how her contemporary critic P. M. Jack reviewed it:

Lovely as “The Waves” was, “The Years” goes far behind and beyond it, giving its characters a local habitation and a name, and expressing Mrs. Woolf’s purpose in the novel more richly than it has ever been done before.

Being a huge fan of “The Waves”, I must admit I am not very convinced that I will share Mr. Jack’s  conclusion …  but I do appreciate his view in the case.

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  1. KM Huber says:

    Do let us know how you find it.


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