Thank You Virginia!

Virginia Woolf died this day, on 28 March, in 1941 – when she drowned herself in the River Ouse near her home in Sussex, by putting rocks in her coat pockets. Her body was found later in April and she was then cremated, her ashes spread under two elms at Monks’ House. She had left … More Thank You Virginia!

There but for the

Today I’m reading Ali Smith’s There but for the, that is to say: I’m reading På stedet mil – which is what the Norwegian translation of the novel is called. The title seems strange to me, but it might just be so because its not my mother tongue. Have you read it? Any thoughts on … More There but for the

The Voyage Out

Inspired by Caroline’s beautiful review I’ve started reading Virginia Woolf’s first published novel: The Voyage Out (1915). Throughout The Voyage Out, writes Suzanne Raitt in The Cambridge Companion, Rachel (the heroine of the story) fights, just like Virginia Woolf herself, to develop a voice to which people will listen: Each of the ladies, being after the fashion of … More The Voyage Out


To tell you the truth: I would never had finished reading Monica Ali’s Untold Story had it not been my job to do so. I cannot imagine why Ali, a serious, Booker nominated novelist, ended up writing this nonsense. My review of the book will be written & published in Norwegian (I don’t think you … More disappointing!

Originally posted on Beauty is a Sleeping Cat:
Maybe it’s because I’m reading Alexandra Johnson’s books and Virginia Woolf is an author who is central in them or perhaps it is because of Sigrun’s (sub rosa) Virginia Woolf project which I like to follow, whatever it is, Virginia Woolf was often on my mind lately. I have this…

Allegory of Spring

 It’s Vernal Equinox – and once again, night and day stand in perfect balance Sandro Botticelli, PRIMAVERA (1482) – the ultimate celebration of spring Botticelli’s Primavera was one of the first large-scale European paintings to tell a story that was not Christian, replacing the agony of Easter with a pagan rite. The very idea of art … More Allegory of Spring

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