New encounters within the everyday

I’m continuing my study of art and everyday life & today I discovered something fantastic! Just have a look at what I found:

Kurt Perschke: RedBall Project

Kurt Perschke is an artist who works in sculpture, video, collage and public space. His most acclaimed work, RedBall Project, is a traveling public art project that has taken place in Barcelona, St. Louis, Portland, Sydney, Arizona, Chicago and Toronto, and received a National Award from Americans for the Arts Public Art Network.

Here is Kurt Perschke in his own words:

Though this work seems to be about an object, it isn’t. As much as the physical presence of the piece on the street is an undeniable magnet, the work exists only in relation to site and location. The ball exists to facilitate the imagination of where it might go, where a passerby might think of squishing it in. This transference is as much a part of the work as its formal nature, or the kids bouncing off of it.

I love the playfulness and joy that this project brings about. Its funny, its bright and it is bouncing around in the world like there were no borders! I also like how it makes it possible for us to rediscover our ordinary, everyday surroundings. It just makes you want to laugh out loud – and what could be more healthy in a stressful world like ours?!

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