… for books have a way of influencing each other …

In “A Room of One’s Own” Virginia Woolf is saying: Fiction will be much the better for standing cheek by jowl with poetry and philosophy  … For books have a way of influencing each other. All of Woolf’s writing (according to Hermione Lee) goes in for this mixing and merging of genres: fiction, history, biography, … More … for books have a way of influencing each other …

Can it be we are not free? It might be worth looking into. — Samuel Beckett, Molloy  

Doris Salcedo

Today I will recommend a visit to Michelle & Gwarlingo: Artist Doris Salcedo: I Began to Conceive of Works Based on Nothing | gwarlingo. She has composed an excellent post on the the Colombian artist Doris Salcedo, go and have a look! Doris Salcedo; Installation at 8th International Istanbul Biennial (2003)

just like breathing

I read this beautiful post on A Piece of Monologue today. It made me think of the quality of books as tangible, factual objects. Because there is a kind of magic in books made of paper, which e-books are not (yet) to match – I’m talking about handmade scribbling and comments. I know that I can easily … More just like breathing


In addition to my self-chosen writers & themes, my reading at all times does also consist of those new novels I read for reviews. Today I received a copy of Helle Helle’s most recent novel: This should be written in the present. Helle Helle was born in Denmark in 1965. She published her first book … More incoming

Eva Hesse & ‘the total absurdity of life’

Guardian critic Jonathan Jones has written an interesting piece called: Art criticism and the pleasure principle. His text made me think about art that I really love (beyond intellectualism…?) Today I will present you for one of my absolute favorite artists: Don’t ask what it means or what it refers to. Don’t ask what the … More Eva Hesse & ‘the total absurdity of life’

A timeless present

As advised by Kathryn, I have started reading Jeanette Winterson’s book: Art Objects. In her book Winterson writes about Woolf, and Kathryn thought I might find it interesting. And I certainly do! But at the moment I’m not only reading Woolf, I’m also reading Gadamer in preparation for some lectures I will be giving. Of course … More A timeless present