Das Lied in mir

I pre-started my GLM today with a German film at the movies. Das Lied in mir (The Day I Was Not Born)

A German swimmer, 30-year-old Maria (Jessica Schwarz) is en route to Chile when something overheard at the Buenos Aires airport unsettles her so much — striking a deep chord even though she barely understands a word of Spanish — that she misses her connecting flight. Two days later Maria’s father (Michael Gwisdek) arrives with a stunning confession: Maria was born in Argentina during the 1976–83 military dictatorship, her parents were killed, and she was brought to Germany by a childless couple, who she came to believe to be her parents… 

Das Lied in mir is a sad story, but not a story without hope – it is beautifully narrated through graceful pictures and good acting. It is hereby recommended to those of you who are about to dive into GLM.

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  1. Caroline says:

    Thanks a lot, Sigrun, I havent’ seen it yet but it sounds like something I would like.

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