This coming school year I will be teaching art history & theory classes in an art school. My students will be a heterogeneous group, some young (18 +), and some older. Many of them will use this two-year education as a preparation for later academy studies.

The main focus of the students is on practical training, my seminar will provide them with some basic contextual knowledge, and I will also do individual supervision.

I have given a lot of lectures on art theory and criticism at several universities before, but never had a continuous seminar like I am going to have this year.

I never planned to apply for a job like this, being very satisfied with my life as a freelance writer these last years, but now, in the middle of my preparations, I must say I’m really looking forward to the year to come.

I have studied art, literature and aesthetics for so many years, making it all comprehensible for newcomers is a real challenge, and I know that I for one will learn a lot from it!

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    • So nice to have you visiting my new blog! & thank you!!! I guess my knitting will be suffering a bit in the coming months, but my shoulders will be happy for a break 😉

  1. How exciting! I do hope you’ll tell us how your year goes. I have always found contact with students to be a truly life-enhancing experience. Plus one never works quite so hard to understand art until one has to explain it to others. It makes for a very special time.

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