I just received a book in the post, it’s written by Péter Nádas, the Norwegian title is Parallelle historier (Parallel Stories). I haven’t read anything by him before – have you? The first pages are looking very promising …

But before getting on with Nádas I will finish a book on female muslims living in Norway, and a new novel by Helene Uri.

These are all books I will be reviewing for my newspaper, and as you can see – my work as a critic brings me to all kinds of stories.

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  1. * says:

    have read a chunk by nadas about ten years ago or so. didn’t go back to him but ever so often intended so. what i found they have in common is a sort of introvert reflection about some other characters while those other characters are present in the stories or books at the same time. generally quite an introspective writer. good at describing extreme emotions as well (his book “love”). i thought the books are a bit the same but this is maybe not necessarily a bad thing. “book of memories” certainly has its moments and i liked best another story about a friend of his/some protagonist dying on cancer, not sure whether it is translated into english.

    1. Sigrun says:

      Interesting – I have not yet started my proper reading. I will be reading him in Norwegian.

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